Orlando Day 5: Magic Kingdom

Of all the parks, I felt most like a kid again at Magic Kingdom.  Even as an adult, it was truly magical.  It was fun to ride the true Disney classics from my childhood (It’s a Small World, Peter Pan and the Mountain rides).

Our first mission was to find coffee.  Touring the Disney parks for 9 days straight was a lot of fun, but it was also exhausting.  We found some caffeine at the Cheshire Cat.

We rode Stitch’s Great Escape, a ride where you are locked in a chair in a room that goes dark and Stitch gets loose and bounces on your head and pokes you.  It was kind of creepy!

We also rode Buzz Lightyear’s ride, where we shot at targets to score points.  Pat and Maggie battled it out while I cheered them on and took pictures.

I was probably most excited to go on It’s a Small World.  I don’t know why, but I love that ride.  The last room, with characters from all over the world, has always been my favorite.

We also rode the classic Peter Pan ride.  I couldn’t believe how long the lines were for these rides, but I would have been very sad to miss them.

The Haunted Mansion was another favorite.  I remember being somewhat scared as a kid, which is so funny now.

The entertainment while you wait in line is almost as good as the ride itself.  Funny tombstones, a stone piano that actually played, a magical bookshelf that you could interact with, and more.

It is amazing to me that so many of the Disney rides have not changed in the past 17 years.  In comparison, many of the Universal rides seemed much more high-tech.  But they didn’t have the same Disney magic.

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was another classic.  When I was younger, I refused to go on any ride that had a drop of any kind.  No roller coasters or log flumes for me.  The Pirates ride has a small drop.  My parents waited until I was on the ride to tell me about the drop.  Once I was in the boat, there was no escaping.  I was mad at them about that one!  And still haven’t forgotten it (obviously).  I guess the drop was smaller than I remembered 🙂

We used our Fast Passes for Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain, alternating throughout the day so we could ride both several times at the end of the day.  They were my favorite at Magic Kingdom.  We skipped Splash Mountain because of how cold it was.

On one of our rides on Big Thunder Mountain, we got stuck on the way up.  We had a great view of the park, though!

We took a break in our day to eat a character dinner at the Crystal Palace.  The buffet food was actually pretty good (I was expecting worse), but we were really there to see Winnie the Pooh characters.  Even as adults, I think character meals are so much fun.

After dinner we went to the Hall of Presidents.  We had just enough time to make it back to the castle for the fireworks.  I found myself wishing that every night could end with fireworks.

After the firework display, we rode Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain a few more times before going home.  It was such a magical day!


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