Race #8: Rodeo Run 10k

The Rodeo Run is a favorite of mine.  I love all the people and the energy in downtown Houston.  When I ran it last year, it was my very first 10k.  I had a goal to finish in under an hour, and I missed that goal by 1:33.  My goal for the past year has been to run this year’s race in under an hour.

I created a training plan for after the marathon, with a focus on speedwork and a hope to add some hills to my training.  One of my biggest downfalls at last year’s race was that I was unprepared for the hills of the rodeo run.  My training did not go as planned, though.  I started out well for the first few weeks, but only ran 4 times in the month of February leading up tot his race.

There were a few things that contributed to this.  First, I hurt my ankle, and was out for almost a week.  Second, work has been busier, and it’s been more difficult to make time for running outdoors before it gets dark.  Third, I’ve started doing yoga.  And I love it.  More on the yoga later, but I’m currently going to two studios.  I bought a year-long unlimited membership to one studio, and had a Groupon to another.  I love both, so yoga has been my go-to fitness option lately.  Although I’ve only run 4 times in February, I’ve gone to 13 yoga classes.

I wasn’t as excited for this race, because I felt like there was no way I would finish in under an hour.  I was worried I wouldn’t even beat my time from last year, considering how much I put into training.  I figured it would still be a fun run, though.  My sister is in town, so she and another one of my friends were going to run the 5k, and I ran the 10k with Maggie.

Like last year, we lined up between the 9:00 and 10:00 pace markers.  Maggie’s Garmin wouldn’t turn on – similar to my experience at the Disney Marathon.  Although mine turned on, it seemed to be very off.  When the race began, it said we were running at a 4:00 pace, and beeped the 1 mile mark at 8 minutes.  I knew we were running a little fast, but there was no way we were going that fast.  This was confirmed when we saw the first mile marker closer to 9:45.

I was feeling pretty good through the first two miles.  It was the third mile that we hit the first of the hills.  I only remembered two hills from last year – I must have blocked the rest from my memory.  After we conquered the first hill up the bridge, I was feeling pretty excited that we were done until the turn-around.  Then I saw the next one coming up.  Then the third.  I was feeling the hills, but felt pretty good as we charged up them, passing other people as we went.

We finished the first 5k in 30:05.  I felt pretty good, but wasn’t sure I’d be able to do a second 5k in less time.  I took a vanilla gu at the halfway point, and was glad I did.  Last year I just ran out of energy, and I didn’t want that to happen again.  We charged on and made it to the turn-around.

As we came up on the hills again, I was determined to run up each one of them.  I had no idea how we were doing on time because my Garmin was so far off.  I told Maggie even if we didn’t finish in under an hour, at least we could say we ran up every hill. And we did.

When we hit the 6 mile marker, we had exactly two minutes to make it to the finish line.  I was exhausted and wanted to walk, but was really excited – we just needed to hold a 10:00 pace to finish in under an hour!  We crossed the finish line at 59:51.  I ran a 10k in under an hour!!

Unfortunately, I don’t have my mile splits because my Garmin was so far off.  I think it said we had run almost 7 miles.  We ran the second 5k in 29:46, for an average pace of 9:37.

I also forgot to take pictures after this race.  I’m hoping to get a few good ones from the race photographers.  We walked around to pick up free food and drink samples (the rodeo run has the best!), a free race coffee mug, and then headed to the family meet-up tents to find my sister and our other friend.  To celebrate after the race, we went to Ziggy’s Healthy Grill for brunch.  It was a very successful race day!


2 responses to “Race #8: Rodeo Run 10k

  1. Congrats!!! On a similar note I ran 3 miles today in 30:32 for the very first time ever. (yes it was on a treadmill but we had some brutal icy winds outside today) While I still find running hard and monotonous at times don’t you love how you can continually improve?

    • That is awesome!! That is a great thing about running – it is very motivating to see how your times continue to improve. And I think it’s harder to run fast on a treadmill!!

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