Orlando Day 3: Epcot

On our first day of Epcot, we mostly stuck to the World Showcase.  We felt like we could spend a whole day exploring the rest of Epcot, so we headed back on our third day.  We were hoping it would be less crowded than it was on New Year’s Eve, but it wasn’t much better.

We went to pick up our first Fastpass for the day for Soarin’.  On New Year’s Eve we heard there was close to a 5 hour wait for Soarin’, so we knew we wanted to grab a Fastpass quickly.  I wished we had the Fastpass system down on day one.  You can only get so many Fastpasses during a day, and each one tells you what time you can get your next Fastpass.  So we would plan our day around those times, to get as many Fastpasses as we could.  While we were in The Land for our Soarin’ Fastpass, we road Living with the Land.

We weren’t sure what it was, but there was almost no line.  It was actually pretty fun boat ride.  We learned about agriculture, and then they take you through Epcot’s greenhouse, where they actually grow food that they use in the restaurants in The Land.

One of my favorite items in the greenhouse were the 9 lb lemons.  They were seriously huge!

Next we headed to watch Captain EO, the 3D Michael Jackson video.

Next we went to ride Spaceship Earth in the giant Epcot golf ball, as we heard one little girl call it.  It was a pretty cool ride!  I didn’t realize how tall the ball was, but it felt like we kept going up, up, up.  Apparently it’s 18 stories tall!

We ate lunch at a quick service counter, where Pat and Maggie had burgers and I had a black bean veggie burger.  It was really good!  I was once again impressed with the vegetarian options.  After lunch we headed to watch Ellen’s Energy Adventure, with Ellen DeGeneres.

Our guidebook said it was a 45 minute ride, but it went by very quickly!  It starts with a video of Ellen, who has a dream that she’s on Jeopardy and is asked questions about energy.  We then went into a large theater, and they told us that once we were in our seats, no one could stand up for the next 35 minutes.  The cast member actually threatened that they would stop the entire ride if anyone stood up.  Yikes!  I didn’t realize that the whole theater would move.  We went on a ride through the history of energy, beginning with the Big Bang.  It was fun!

After the ride, we headed back to the World Showcase.  We had picked out a few souvenirs we wanted from NYE.  I had decided to collect shot glasses from each park, and I knew I wanted the Mickey boot shot glass in Germany.  We also wanted to try some lefse in Norway.  It was delicious!

After our lefse and coffee, we wondered back through Mexico to go ride Soarin’ with our Fastpass.

Soarin’ was fun, but it definitely would not have been worth a 5 hour wait.  You’re hanging in the air in front of a large screen, as though you’re hang gliding over California.  It was very pretty, but we could see the legs of the people above us hanging down, and it took away from the experience a little.

After Soarin’ we headed to Test Track.  My favorite part of the ride was the super fast part of the track!

Our final ride for the day was Mission Space.  I had read that this one might make me sick, so I wanted to save it for last, just in case.  Spinning rides often give me motion sickness, and once I have it, it’s hard to get rid of.  I considered going on the more mild version of the ride, but Maggie and Pat talked me into going on the more intense version.  I was nervous, but wanted to see what it was all about!

They give you “tickets” with lot of warnings about the ride.  They said that no matter how sick you feel, you should not close your eyes.  I guess it’s good I listened to their advice.  I knew it wasn’t a good sign when we got on the ride and they had barf bags in front of each rider.  The ride simulated a space shuttle taking off, and I actually felt like my skin was being stretched back, as though I was shooting upwards really quickly.  I did feel pretty sick, but I wasn’t sure why.  Turns out they created the the strong force of the take-off by spinning us around.  No wonder I felt sick!  Luckily, it didn’t last for too long after the ride.

We decided to call it a day and head back to our hotel for dinner, where we ordered pizza in.  I was glad that we had spent two days at Epcot, so we could experience most of the rides!


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