20 Mile Training Run

I don’t want to skip right to the marathon… I felt like the 20 mile training run was a pretty big accomplishment itself.  It was the farthest I ran prior to the marathon, and it was difficult.  Therefore, the 20 miler gets its own recap!

Maggie and I got up pretty early on a Saturday morning for this one – around 6:45am.  I realize that real runners typically start much earlier than this, but it was very early for me on a Saturday!  We started on our normal route through Memorial Park and made the mile or so trek to Buffalo Bayou.  We kept the same 6/4 intervals that I had been doing all along.  Maggie is in much better shape, but I appreciated that she stuck to the intervals so we could do our long runs together!

After Buffalo Bayou, we made our way through a wealthy neighborhood called River Oaks.  It was right before Christmas, so we knew we would be entertained by the outrageous decorations that these mansions had up – and they did not disappoint.  I think my favorite was the house with a gigantic Christmas tree in the front yard (the kind you would normally see at a mall) – with a real live train circling around it!  We also saw life-size nutcrackers, giant Santa’s posed as though they were climbing over fences, and lots of huge, beautiful wreaths.

After running through River Oaks, we ran to one of my favorite grocery stores, Central Market.  We needed a restroom and re-fill on our water.  We made two bathroom stops on this run.  This is when I realized that there was no way I would get through the full marathon without at least one bathroom break.

After Central Market, we made our way back through River Oaks to Memorial Park.  I was in a lot of pain for the last 2-3 miles.  Every muscle in my legs and butt ached, and my knee was starting to yell at me.  But we kept up our intervals and made it through in 4:04:06!  Our splits:

  • Mile 1:  12:19
  • Mile 2:  12:02
  • Mile 3:  12:05
  • Mile 4:  13:30
  • Mile 5:  11:40
  • Mile 6:  12:16
  • Mile 7:  11:47
  • Mile 8:  13:03
  • Mile 9:  12:29
  • Mile 10:  12:05
  • Mile 11:  12:06
  • Mile 12: 13:00
  • Mile 13:  12:59
  • Mile 14:  11:19
  • Mile 15:  11:46
  • Mile 16:  11:50
  • Mile 17:  13:07
  • Mile 18:  11:57
  • Mile 19:  11:30
  • Mile 20:  11:11
  • Total:  4:04:06  (12:12 pace)

We celebrated our run with our normal tradition of going to Denny’s!  I am obsessed with their breakfast burrito – eggs, avocado, tomato, mmm!  I love the southwest sauce that comes on it.  I also love that their fruit cups are all good fruit – no melon or cantaloupe, just grapes, strawberries and banana 🙂

Next up – the Disney Marathon recap!


One response to “20 Mile Training Run

  1. Good job! I trained 1 year with Houston Fit & we ran all down in the area- I really do miss it, there were so many routes to go on & interesting things to see running along the bayou & River Oaks area.

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