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Orlando Day 3: Epcot

On our first day of Epcot, we mostly stuck to the World Showcase.  We felt like we could spend a whole day exploring the rest of Epcot, so we headed back on our third day.  We were hoping it would be less crowded than it was on New Year’s Eve, but it wasn’t much better.

We went to pick up our first Fastpass for the day for Soarin’.  On New Year’s Eve we heard there was close to a 5 hour wait for Soarin’, so we knew we wanted to grab a Fastpass quickly.  I wished we had the Fastpass system down on day one.  You can only get so many Fastpasses during a day, and each one tells you what time you can get your next Fastpass.  So we would plan our day around those times, to get as many Fastpasses as we could.  While we were in The Land for our Soarin’ Fastpass, we road Living with the Land.

We weren’t sure what it was, but there was almost no line.  It was actually pretty fun boat ride.  We learned about agriculture, and then they take you through Epcot’s greenhouse, where they actually grow food that they use in the restaurants in The Land.

One of my favorite items in the greenhouse were the 9 lb lemons.  They were seriously huge!

Next we headed to watch Captain EO, the 3D Michael Jackson video.

Next we went to ride Spaceship Earth in the giant Epcot golf ball, as we heard one little girl call it.  It was a pretty cool ride!  I didn’t realize how tall the ball was, but it felt like we kept going up, up, up.  Apparently it’s 18 stories tall!

We ate lunch at a quick service counter, where Pat and Maggie had burgers and I had a black bean veggie burger.  It was really good!  I was once again impressed with the vegetarian options.  After lunch we headed to watch Ellen’s Energy Adventure, with Ellen DeGeneres.

Our guidebook said it was a 45 minute ride, but it went by very quickly!  It starts with a video of Ellen, who has a dream that she’s on Jeopardy and is asked questions about energy.  We then went into a large theater, and they told us that once we were in our seats, no one could stand up for the next 35 minutes.  The cast member actually threatened that they would stop the entire ride if anyone stood up.  Yikes!  I didn’t realize that the whole theater would move.  We went on a ride through the history of energy, beginning with the Big Bang.  It was fun!

After the ride, we headed back to the World Showcase.  We had picked out a few souvenirs we wanted from NYE.  I had decided to collect shot glasses from each park, and I knew I wanted the Mickey boot shot glass in Germany.  We also wanted to try some lefse in Norway.  It was delicious!

After our lefse and coffee, we wondered back through Mexico to go ride Soarin’ with our Fastpass.

Soarin’ was fun, but it definitely would not have been worth a 5 hour wait.  You’re hanging in the air in front of a large screen, as though you’re hang gliding over California.  It was very pretty, but we could see the legs of the people above us hanging down, and it took away from the experience a little.

After Soarin’ we headed to Test Track.  My favorite part of the ride was the super fast part of the track!

Our final ride for the day was Mission Space.  I had read that this one might make me sick, so I wanted to save it for last, just in case.  Spinning rides often give me motion sickness, and once I have it, it’s hard to get rid of.  I considered going on the more mild version of the ride, but Maggie and Pat talked me into going on the more intense version.  I was nervous, but wanted to see what it was all about!

They give you “tickets” with lot of warnings about the ride.  They said that no matter how sick you feel, you should not close your eyes.  I guess it’s good I listened to their advice.  I knew it wasn’t a good sign when we got on the ride and they had barf bags in front of each rider.  The ride simulated a space shuttle taking off, and I actually felt like my skin was being stretched back, as though I was shooting upwards really quickly.  I did feel pretty sick, but I wasn’t sure why.  Turns out they created the the strong force of the take-off by spinning us around.  No wonder I felt sick!  Luckily, it didn’t last for too long after the ride.

We decided to call it a day and head back to our hotel for dinner, where we ordered pizza in.  I was glad that we had spent two days at Epcot, so we could experience most of the rides!


Orlando Day 2: Animal Kingdom

Even after our late night celebrations, we still managed to get up at a reasonable hour to make our way to Animal Kingdom.  This was the one park we considered skipping early in our vacation planning, and I am so glad that we decided to go.  Last time I went to Disney (1995), Animal Kingdom had not yet been built.

The park was beautiful.  You see birds and animals when you first walk in, and we saw an interesting tree character.

Much of the park centered around the Tree of Life.

Expedition Everest was on the top of our list, so we headed there to get our first Fastpass and to go for a ride.  It had been a really long time since I had been on a roller coaster, so I was a little nervous about this one.  I was also nervous for the giant yeti at the end.  Mount Everest was so majestic from a distance.

It was such a fun ride!  At one point, the track looks like it ends, and you get a great view over Disney.  Then the roller coaster is pulled backwards into the dark.  At the very end you go through a tunnel with the giant yeti.  Apparently, the yeti was broken while we were there, because we could barely see him!  There were strobe lights over him, and you could just make him out in the right light.  I read that they do this when the animatronic yeti is broken.  We rode Expedition Everest three times throughout the day, twice in the front row!

After our exciting roller coaster ride, we headed to Dinoland.

There we rode what I thought was the scariest ride of our entire trip – Dinosaur!

You ride on a jeep that goes back in time and meet lots of dinosaurs.  Including a giant t-rex!  You sit in front of the t-rex for a long time.  He even blows fire at you, and I had to look away – in fact, in the picture they snap of you, my head is in the process of turning away, and all you see is a blur of my hair!

After the scary ride, we went on a tame roller coaster, Primeval Whirl.  It’s a mini roller coaster where you’re in a circle car that spins around.  Almost made me sick!

Next we headed back to Asia for lunch at Yak and Yeti.  I had read that they had some of the best vegetarian food in the park, and I have to agree.  I was sold as soon as I saw I could substitute tofu in any item on their menu.  I had sweet n’ sour tofu.  Disney does tofu well!

After lunch we rode Kilimanjaro Safaris, a ride into the Harambe Wildlife Reserve.

It was like a zoo, but better.  We got really close to some of the animals, and many of them seemed to be pretty active.  It was fun to be driven through the beautiful reserve.

After our Safari, we took a train ride to the Affection Section, what they call their petting zoo.

They had goats, donkeys, llamas and pigs to pet.  Bueller the goat was my favorite!  He was very friendly and reminded me of my puppy back home.  He just jumped right up on a bench to be part of the action.

Next we headed to Festival of the Lion King for a show.  It was amazing!  I love all the music from the Lion King and the performers were just amazing.  My favorite was a woman who flew around on a thin string, like a bird.  Just amazing!  I wish my pictures from the show had turned out better.

The final stop for the night was It’s Tough to be a Bug!  I sat that one out, and I’m glad I did.  I don’t do well with bugs… especially not ones that tough you.  Fake or real.

After the park we headed to Jiko The Cooking Place for dinner.  It was really good!

I ordered the Taste of Africa, a sampler of four African dips.  To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about it.  Two of the dips were too spicy for me and I think one had cilantro, which I am not a fan of.  There was only one dip I really liked.  However, the wine and the soup were amazing.  The soup was one of the best things I ate all week – a puree of sweet potato, pineapple and red pepper.  I absolutely will need to try making this one at home!

I am SO glad we decided to spend a day at Animal Kingdom!  Next time I think I could even spend two days there.

Orlando Day 1: NYE at Epcot

The marathon was just the end of a wonderful nine days in Orlando.  I have decided that Disney really is the happiest place on Earth, and I need to figure out how to get back there sooner rather than later.  Maybe I could be a Disney princess some day??

We flew into Orlando bright and early the morning of New Year’s Eve.  I had read that the parks close early on NYE because they become so full of people, so we wanted to make sure we were at a park before that happened.  We took a 6:20am flight to make that happen.  We dropped our luggage off at the hotel and headed off to Epcot.  We were staying at the Hilton in Downtown Disney.  Although it is not a Disney resort, they are on Disney property, and offer free transportation and extra magic hours to guests.

Epcot was packed, as expected.  We decided we would come back another day to do some of the rides, and opted to tour the World Showcase instead.  On our way there, we stopped at the Coca-Cola store to try free samples of Coke products from other countries.

I really liked a few of them, especially the one from Israel and the vitamin water from Japan.  A few were just weird, such as the watermelon flavored soda from China.  Italy’s was so gross to me – it was really bitter and left a bad taste in my mouth.

We then headed to the World Showcase, stopping along the way to admire the holiday decorations that were still up.

The first stop in our world travels was Canada.  Our original plan was to drink our way around the world, but it was a hot day, and only noon, so instead we planned to just try a few drinks and food items along our way.  In Canada, we watched the video O, Canada!

These videos are in what they call Circle Vision 360.  You stand in a round room where you are surrounded by a screen that goes around the whole room.  It was a really pretty way to learn about what Canada has to offer.  A few countries had these videos.  They felt somewhat dated, and were more or less advertisements for the countries, but I enjoyed them.  It made me want to visit countries I hadn’t been to, and I got excited when I noticed landmarks I have been to before!

Next up was United Kingdom.  We snapped a few pictures and watched part of a show in the streets, and were quickly on our way to France.

One of my favorite things about the World Showcase was that the cast members in each country were actually from that country.  It made the experience feel more authentic.  In France, we stopped at a little stand for strawberry-filled crepes, topped with sugar.  They were delicious!

We watched Impressions de France, which made me want to go back to France.  I spent two days in Paris in high school, but it looks like I missed a lot there!  After the movie, we were off to Morocco, where we stopped for lunch at the Tangierine Cafe.  The three of us split two Vegetarian Plates, which included hummus, couscous, falafel, lentils, tabouleh and salad greens.  I also tried the Kasbah Coffee – coffee with hazelnut liqueur.  It was good, but for about $7, it was a tiny serving.  Morocco was one of my favorite countries.  They didn’t have any rides or videos, but they had a market area with beautiful clothes, jewelry and other items for sale.

Japan was next.  Again, no rides or videos, but we walked through a few displays and took some pictures.

Next was the U.S. in what they called the American Adventure.  As you may expect, we were greeted by funnel cakes.  There was a long wait until the next show, so we decided to come back later in the day.

Italy was one of my favorites for the scenery.  We thought about stopping for gelato, but the line was really long.

We had dinner reservations in Germany that night, so we passed through quickly the first time around.

We stopped for a refreshing drink in China, and then it was on to Norway.  We waited in a long line for the Norway ride, Maelstrom.  It is a boat ride with a small drop.  I had braced myself for a much bigger drop, so it wasn’t bad at all.

Our last stop around the world was Mexico.  By this point, we were dealing with wall-to-wall people, but we made our way to the boat ride in Mexico, the Gran Fiesta Tour starring Donald Duck.

This ride was more for kids.  It was a boat ride through a lot of television screens, each playing quick snippets of Donald Duck and the other Caballeros.  It was pretty random, and may have been designed to keep the attention of a three year old.

After Mexico we headed back to America, where Disney was handing out free hats and horns for New Year’s Eve.  We waited in a line for about half an hour, because we were told they were only giving away supplies until they ran out.  After we got our hats and horns, we went to watch the American Adventure movie.  You can imagine how loud it was in this building – everyone was blowing their horns indoors!

After the movie we walked back to Germany for dinner at Biergarten.  It was a family-style buffet, where we were sat with a family of five at our table.  It was a couple with three girls.  As the oldest of three girls, I was able to relate.  The middle child was especially talkative and entertained us during the meal.  She told me that Jessica is her favorite girl’s name 🙂

I was impressed with the buffet.  The website for the restaurant did not list many vegetarian options, but they had tons.  Lots of salads (and bean salads) to choose from, cauliflower soup, pretzel bread, spaetzle and more.  Not to mention all the desserts!  I did not go hungry.  Or thirsty 🙂

This picture was taken outside of Biergarten.  Notice the really nice cast member who was asking others to stop so we could have our picture taken?  After dinner we went back to China to catch the last movie we had missed – Reflections China, another round movie theater.  I’m adding China to my list of places to visit!  Okay, it was on there already, but the movie made me really want to go soon.

After the movie we just wandered around the World Showcase, looking for the best place to catch the fireworks at midnight.  We settled in somewhere around Japan.  A little before midnight, they celebrated new year’s for each country who had already celebrated around the world.  They would announce, “Germany celebrated new year’s 5 hours ago.”  And then Germany lit up, they played German music and shot fireworks near Germany.  The U.S. new year show was awesome.  I took some video of the last minute of it, and the sky was completely lit up.

Happy New Year’s!  Since we had been up since 4:00am, we were ready to head back to our hotel right after midnight.  It took forever to make it back to the buses, and then we had to fight our way onto the bus for our hotel.  A cast member was threatening that people would walk home if he saw any pushing, but I definitely got elbowed by a lady who managed to get a seat on the bus!  We had to stand on the hour+ bus ride home, thanks to NYE traffic.  I was a little grumpy by then, but all in all, it was an awesome way to ring in the new year!

Race #7: Walt Disney World Marathon

It was a difficult, but amazing experience.  I am officially a marathoner!  This recap will be a long one.

The Disney Marathon came at the end of a wonderful nine day vacation at Disney.  We spent seven days (starting on New Year’s Eve) touring the four Disney parks and Universal Studios, and then took one day of rest before the day of the marathon.  It was a lot of fun, but seven long days of walking may not have been the best idea before a marathon 🙂  I also developed a cold on day two of our vacation, which had not gone away by marathon day.

After getting up at 3:00am, we were planning to take a cab to Epcot at 3:30, but the cab didn’t show up until 3:45.  At that point, a few other people at our hotel were sharing a van that was only charging $5/person, so we went with them!  We were staying at the Hilton in Downtown Disney.  Although it came with Disney resort benefits such as extra magic hours and buses to Disney, they did not offer a shuttle to the parks on marathon morning.

Our van dropped us off right at the start line… where there were no other people.  The starting corrals were a bit of a walk.  It was also pretty cold that early in the morning.  We had bought some warmer clothes at a thrift store (I even found a Disney sweatshirt!), which we planned to ditch right before the start of the race.  After a quick breakfast (banana and peanut & butter jelly sandwich) and bathroom break, Maggie and I made our way to corral D.  It was at this pont that I discovered that my Garmin would not turn on 😦  Worst timing possible.  But Maggie’s was working, so I was still able to get our splits!

It took so long to walk to the corrals that we didn’t have to wait too long for the start of the race once we got there.  I loved the fireworks that went off before each corral.  It wasn’t long before we were off!  The first few miles were pretty congested and a little boring.  It was dark out, and we were running around Epcot.  Running through Epcot was fun, but it was a quick run by Spaceship Earth and through a few countries of the World Showcase, and then we were on our way to more highway running.  We stopped for a bathroom break during the 5th mile – I drank a whole liter of water right before the race!

  • Mile 1:  11:34
  • Mile 2:  10:57
  • Mile 3:  11:02
  • Mile 4:  11:45
  • Mile 5:  14:54

As with the long training runs, we were sticking to a run 6/walk 4 minutes interval.  It was hard to walk early in the race, but I knew that there were a lot of miles ahead.  There were more boring highway miles until we entered the Magic Kingdom around mile 10.  They had some music and characters along the way, but none that we felt like stopping for.  Before entering the MK, we ran past the Grand Floridian hotel, where we had eaten bunch the day before.  That really put the distance in perspective!

  • Mile 6:  11:48
  • Mile 7:  11:44
  • Mile 8:  11:31
  • Mile 9:  11:51
  • Mile 10:  12:15

I think Magic Kingdom was my favorite park to run through.  I loved all the crowds and the energy.  It definitely helped me to pick up the pace!  I didn’t want to stop much while we were running through the park.  It was really exciting to be coming up on Cinderella’s Castle.

We made our first stop for a character picture in Magic Kingdom – with Jessie from Toy Story.  They were very efficient with the picture taking, so the lines went pretty quickly.  Most characters had several helpers who would take your camera as you waited in line, quickly snap a picture, and then off you went.

Even with our stop, our MK miles were a little bit quicker:

  • Mile 11:  10:49
  • Mile 12:   11:50

The stretch from Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom was another long one.  After we hit the half-marathon point, I was finally starting to feel the distance.  There seemed to be a good number of characters on this strip, though, so we stopped a few times.  I think the Johnny Depp pirate was my favorite 🙂

Maggie wore a green skirt and top in honor of Tinkerbell, so we had to stop with the Peter Pan characters.  Sad that Tinkerbell was missing though!

John Smith said something to me like, “So good to see you.”  Some of the characters were playing their parts!

  • Mile 13:  11:58
  • Mile 14:  12:11
  • Mile 15:  13:19

My biggest complaint about this stretch was when we went by the Disney compost and/or wastewater treatment plant.  The smell was overwhelming and absolutely disgusting – about as bad as the port-o-potties.  I thought I would be sick!  I felt really bad for the volunteers who were handing out water as we went by.  I could not have stood that smell for more than a few minutes, and we kept running to try to get past it.  The animals at Animal Kingdom smelled better.

As we came up on Animal Kingdom, they had a few of the animals from the petting zoo out for us to pet and take pictures with.  I thought that was cute!  We had visited these animals at the petting zoo earlier in our trip, but it was fun to see them along the race course.

It felt like we were in Animal Kingdom for awhile, which was great!  We waited for this park for our next bathroom break, since we knew we could pull off for an actual bathroom (with soap).  When we passed Expedition Everest, a couple of women in front of us actually pulled off the course to go for a ride!  I guess that’s the nice thing about such a relaxed race 🙂  I was tempted to follow them!  We stopped for a few pictures at Animal Kingdom too.


  • Mile 16:  12:04
  • Mile 17:  15:58 (2nd bathroom break)
  • Mile 18:  11:58
  • Mile 19:  11:54

The distance between Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios went by in a blur.  It felt like they had more frequent water and fuel stops, and there were more characters and things to look at.

I think the race really got tough for me around miles 18-19, but I probably didn’t hit the “wall” until miles 21-22.  I was SO excited to see mile 20, since everything after that would represent a personal distance record.  Someone told me before the race that the race wouldn’t start until the last 10k, and they were right.  Somewhere between miles 19-20 I think we switched to running 3 minutes/walking 2 minutes.  I was actually starting to feel a little out of breath.

Hollywood Studios was a really good distraction.  There were more crowds of people, which always gives me a little more energy.  I don’t remember where this was taken, but we stopped for our last character picture with the Beast.

After Hollywood Studios, we ran through a boardwalk area, and we were quickly back at Epcot, running through the World Showcase again!  At this point I think I was just running as much as I possibly could, and taking walk breaks as needed (which means:  up all and any hills).  The last 1.2 miles were the worst.  I kept trying to remind myself to run happy and keep smiling, but I was experiencing more pain than I ever expected to feel.

When we got to mile 26, we took a short walk break, hoping we could push it through the final stretch with all the crowds.  But then a woman yelled out to us:  “Don’t stop now.  See that corner up there?  You just need to get around that and you will see the finish line.  Run!”  So we did 🙂

  • Mile 20:  11:51
  • Mile 21:  12:52
  • Mile 22:  12:38
  • Mile 23:  13:57
  • Mile 24:  12:55
  • Mile 25:  12:00
  • Mile 26:  12:53
  • Mile 26 – 26.76:  11:11 (7:49 sprint at the end)
  • Total:  5:29:02  (12:18 pace) – OFFICIAL TIME 5:28:36

And then, we were marathoners!  We were quickly given our medals and water and pushed through to the food.  I started to feel a little dizzy, but made our way to meet up with Pat at the family tents.

To be honest, I felt pretty awful at the end of the race.  I was hurting all over and just felt exhausted.  I was proud of the accomplishment, but I was thinking, never again.  Well that feeling wore off pretty quickly!  I’m not sure if I have another marathon in my future, but I wouldn’t rule it out.  I ran this one with a knee injury, a cold, and after a week-long vacation.  I also counted about 11 stops for photo opportunities, and 2 bathroom stops.  There is a part of me that would like to see what I am capable of.  But I still feel really great about finishing a marathon.  Someone at work told me that running a marathon is like earning a degree – once you have it, no one can ever take it away from you.

We finally made it back to our hotel, and after a shower and two-hour nap, I was good to go.  We walked to downtown Disney (just across the street from our hotel) for dinner at Earl of Sandwich and a special treat – a Ghiradelli cookie/ice cream sundae.  A quick dip in the hot tub felt amazing.  We left Orlando early the next morning (another 3:30am wake-up), and I wore my marathon shirt to the airport.  It’s still hard to believe I completed my first marathon!

20 Mile Training Run

I don’t want to skip right to the marathon… I felt like the 20 mile training run was a pretty big accomplishment itself.  It was the farthest I ran prior to the marathon, and it was difficult.  Therefore, the 20 miler gets its own recap!

Maggie and I got up pretty early on a Saturday morning for this one – around 6:45am.  I realize that real runners typically start much earlier than this, but it was very early for me on a Saturday!  We started on our normal route through Memorial Park and made the mile or so trek to Buffalo Bayou.  We kept the same 6/4 intervals that I had been doing all along.  Maggie is in much better shape, but I appreciated that she stuck to the intervals so we could do our long runs together!

After Buffalo Bayou, we made our way through a wealthy neighborhood called River Oaks.  It was right before Christmas, so we knew we would be entertained by the outrageous decorations that these mansions had up – and they did not disappoint.  I think my favorite was the house with a gigantic Christmas tree in the front yard (the kind you would normally see at a mall) – with a real live train circling around it!  We also saw life-size nutcrackers, giant Santa’s posed as though they were climbing over fences, and lots of huge, beautiful wreaths.

After running through River Oaks, we ran to one of my favorite grocery stores, Central Market.  We needed a restroom and re-fill on our water.  We made two bathroom stops on this run.  This is when I realized that there was no way I would get through the full marathon without at least one bathroom break.

After Central Market, we made our way back through River Oaks to Memorial Park.  I was in a lot of pain for the last 2-3 miles.  Every muscle in my legs and butt ached, and my knee was starting to yell at me.  But we kept up our intervals and made it through in 4:04:06!  Our splits:

  • Mile 1:  12:19
  • Mile 2:  12:02
  • Mile 3:  12:05
  • Mile 4:  13:30
  • Mile 5:  11:40
  • Mile 6:  12:16
  • Mile 7:  11:47
  • Mile 8:  13:03
  • Mile 9:  12:29
  • Mile 10:  12:05
  • Mile 11:  12:06
  • Mile 12: 13:00
  • Mile 13:  12:59
  • Mile 14:  11:19
  • Mile 15:  11:46
  • Mile 16:  11:50
  • Mile 17:  13:07
  • Mile 18:  11:57
  • Mile 19:  11:30
  • Mile 20:  11:11
  • Total:  4:04:06  (12:12 pace)

We celebrated our run with our normal tradition of going to Denny’s!  I am obsessed with their breakfast burrito – eggs, avocado, tomato, mmm!  I love the southwest sauce that comes on it.  I also love that their fruit cups are all good fruit – no melon or cantaloupe, just grapes, strawberries and banana 🙂

Next up – the Disney Marathon recap!

Race #6: Sugar Land Finish Line Sports 30k

On December 9, I ran a 30k race (about 18.6 miles) as a training run for my marathon.  At the time, it was the farthest distance I had ever run (previously, I had only run 16 miles).  I was on my own for this one, and was nervous about it, but determined to get through.

It was a freezing cold morning – I ended up wearing my fleece for the entire race.  Unfortunately, it was also a pretty boring course.  I didn’t know when I registered, but there was a 4 mile loop that we had to do three times.  The loop was through a pretty neighborhood with huge mansions, but I went by each of them six times.  It was also hard to watch people finishing their 3rd loop when I was just finishing my 2nd loop.

As I mentioned before, I’ve still been struggling with an IT band injury.  I approached my marathon training long-runs by alternating 6 minutes of running with 4 minutes of walking.  I used this approach for the 30k as well, even though it was a race.  It was difficult to hold back in the beginning, but I wanted to make sure my knee would last the whole 30k.  However, I did push myself pretty hard during the 6 minute runs.

During my very first walk break (just 6 minutes into the race), I overheard two guys talking about me.  The first said, “Walking already??  Can you finish this race walking it?”  There was a time limit of 4:15.  The second guy said, “No, I don’t think so…”

There were a few people who I would pass when running, and then they would pass me while I walked.  One older guy said, “We have to stop meeting like this!”  When I would catch up to him, I would say, “Okay, your turn!”  Another guy (who was running the entire time) told me I needed to stop making him feel bad, since I was taking walk breaks.  It was fun to chat with a few people along the way.

I was feeling pretty good until miles 13-14.  Pain started to set in and I was just exhausted.  The last few miles, I abandoned the 6/4 intervals and just ran as much as I could force myself to.  I’d pick people ahead of me and try to run until I passed them, and then take another walk break.

About a half mile from the finish line, the guy I picked to catch up to was walking ahead of me.  As I went by, he started to run again.  I decided I would try to beat him to the finish line.  He didn’t say anything, but as I sped up, so did he.  I think he crossed the finish line just ahead of me, but it was good motivation for me to finish strong.

Pat met me at the finish line 🙂  I was exhausted, but it felt like a great accomplishment.  I wanted to finish between 3:45-4:00, and I beat that goal by quite a bit!  My splits:

  • Mile 1:  11:01
  • Mile 2:  11:28
  • Mile 3:  10:56
  • Mile 4:  10:49
  • Mile 5:  10:59
  • Mile 6:  11:23
  • Mile 7:  11:18
  • Mile 8:  11:33
  • Mile 9:  11:23
  • Mile 10:  11:05
  • Mile 11:  11:12
  • Mile 12:  11:10
  • Mile 13:  11:26
  • Mile 14:  12:24
  • Mile 15:  12:15
  • Mile 16:  11:38
  • Mile 17:  11:26
  • Mile 18:  11:39
  • Mile 18 – 18.89:  9:34
  • Total:  3:34:47  (11:22 pace)

My official race time was 3:34:41.  Although the course wasn’t my favorite, it was definitely nice to do my 18 miler with the support of a race!

I am a Marathoner!

We finished the Walt Disney World Marathon 🙂

It was harder than I expected, but an amazing and fun experience.  I have a lot to catch up on… the long training runs (and one race) leading up to the marathon, the big race recap and a little bit about our 9 day trip to Disney!

In the meantime, I am recovering from the race with some yoga and walking.  Any tips for post-marathon recovery?