Week One of Marathon Training – COMPLETE!

I’m not officially registered yet, but I am (mentally) committed to running the Disney Marathon on January 8, 2012.  Maggie and I are plotting our trip, the plan has been built, and as of yesterday, week one of training is complete!

When we started talking about running 26.2 miles, I wasn’t sure I’d be in.  I think of how I felt after running my first half marathon, and have a hard time imagining running that times two.  It’s a really scary thought.  At the same time, I think the feeling of accomplishing a marathon would be awesome.  And Maggie pointed out that running “26 when we’re 26” is right in line with my “30 by 30” goal.  And what better place to run my first marathon than Disney?

I’m so excited at the thought of running and marathon, and maybe even more excited by the thought of a trip to Disney 🙂  It was just the motivation I needed to start training again this week.  After 2-3 months of only running 1-2 times per week (and walking much of it), this week kicked my butt a little, but it felt great!

Monday:  Maggie and I did a 3 mile tempo run.  We jogged/walked the first and last mile and tried to run the middle mile at our goal half marathon pace or better.  Our goal half marathon pace is 9:55, which give us a time of 2:10.

  • Mile 1:  13:00
  • Mile 2:  9:53
  • Mile 3:  13:30

I was happy with the run!  I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that the Houston heat and humidity are going to slow me down.  But we still managed to run our second mile slightly faster than our goal pace – and that second mile even included a short walk break!

Tuesday:  I was traveling, so my speedwork was done on the treadmill.  I alternated 6 speedy quarter miles with quarter miles of either walking or slow jogging.  My speedy sections were done at a pace of 6.0 – 6.5.  It was rough (and took about 39 minutes to finish 3.25 miles), but I finished.  I even followed up the speedwork with 1.25 miles on the elliptical.

Thursday:  I had a 3 miler scheduled.  Still at the hotel, I opted to do it on the treadmill.  I told myself I could walk as much as I needed, but I wanted to try to run the first full mile without stopping.  I finished it with a slow jog and decided to try for 2 miles without walking – this would be the longest I would have run consecutively since early May!

I finished 2 miles and wasn’t feeling too bad, so I decided to go for all 3 with no walk breaks.  And threw in the nubbin just so I could say I ran an entire 5k!  It was a great feeling, and gave me the boost I needed to realize that running in A/C (or cooler weather) is much easier than running in 90 degree/90% humidity weather.

I finished the 5k in about 34 minutes, walked a half mile and threw in one more mile on the elliptical for an even 5 miles.

Saturday:  We scheduled our first “long” run for only 4 miles.  I know we need to build up our mileage slowly, to avoid injuries.  We ran late morning and it didn’t even feel that hot, just extremely sticky outside.  My family is visiting this weekend, so my dad came with us.  My dad runs 5 miles just about every day, so he took off ahead of us – the weather didn’t seem to hold him back!

We ran a little over a mile in the beginning, but then took full advantage of walk breaks.  About halfway through our run, we saw a local animal shelter offering a “Jog with a Dog” program.  You just take off with a dog for a walk or a run, and then return it.  How fun!

We picked up Dolce, a male puppy about a year old.  He took the lead, letting us know when he wanted to run and when he was ready to sniff around and walk a bit.  He probably slowed us down even more than we would have otherwise, but that was okay – it was fun to have him join us.

We also passed a Kind bar truck on our run.  They were handing out free Almond Cashew bars.  I just tried an Almond Coconut bar for the first time last week and loved it.  Unfortunately, I dropped my bar in a pile of Dolce’s poo while trying to pick it up 😦  I hope they’re back again next week!

Our splits:

  • Mile 1:  10:54
  • Mile 2:  12:41
  • Mile 3:  13:59 (picked up Dolce!)
  • Mile 4:  13:03 

All in all, a successful week of training!  Here are the first 2 weeks of the training plan – I will try to post the entire plan soon:

What race are you training for now?  In addition to the full marathon, I’m still focused on the San Antonio Half Marathon in November!


6 responses to “Week One of Marathon Training – COMPLETE!

  1. Ahh!! I’m so excited to see you back posting!!

    I’m training for the Houston Half in January! 🙂

    • Thanks – I hope I can continue to keep up with it 🙂 I missed blogging! Good luck with training for the half, I’m excited to read about it!

  2. Yay! Excited for your marathon plans!! 🙂 Good Luck!

    • Thanks! For some reason, I’m not able to post a comment on your blog (I keep getting an error message) – I wanted to ask, what brand of fuel belt did you buy? I need to look into getting one!

  3. What a great idea to do a full when you’re 26 and great choice to pick Disney for your first marathon.

    I’m training for my second attempt to run a half in October in Amsterdam.

    My training hasn’t been that good the past 3 weeks but reading this gets me motivated to follow the plan again starting tomorrow. Thanks for that.

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