Shoe Monster Strikes Again

Tonight was the last real training run for me and Maggie before our half marathon on Sunday.  The training plan called for an easy 2.25 miles of speedwork with 4 quarter mile repeats.  That sounded like nothing at this point!

The quarter miles went really well.  Our goal was to run each one at 7:00 or better, and we achieved that.  It felt really good to run so fast, and it’s fun to think that if you put the quarter miles together, we actually would have run a full mile in less than 7 minutes!  Our splits:

  • Quarter Mile 1:  1:43  (6:53 pace)
  • Quarter Mile 2:  1:40 (6:40 pace)
  • Quarter Mile 3:  1:45 (7:00 pace)
  • Quarter Mile 4:  1:44 (6:55 pace)
  • Total:  2 miles in 21:50  (10:55 average pace)

The second quarter mile was a record for us!  This run felt good, but even better when it was over.  I have been in training mode for so long, I am ready for the race to be here!

After the run, a few of us went out for some Thai food at my favorite restaurant.  Maggie and I split my 3 favorite menu items – cream cheese rolls, yellow curry with tofu and pad thai with tofu.  It was delicious as always!  Pat and I came home to a not so pleasant surprise…

I think this was Bailey’s way of telling me that she’s ready for my training to be over so I will spend more time with her.  I think the damage to the shoes is actually less than I initially thought, but it appears that she unlaced the shoes and pulled out the insoles.  The shoes were also soaking wet.  I’m hoping that I will be able to put them back together after they dry.  I don’t know what else I can do – I can’t buy brand new shoes with the race just three days away, and my old running shoes were giving me knee problems (which is why they are retired).

You would think I’d learn by now not to leave shoes anywhere within Bailey’s reach.  But I was rushing to get ready after we finished our run, and I must not have put my shoes in the closet like I normally would.  This isn’t the first time the shoe monster has struck.  She first ate one of my favorite pair of heels.

Not too long ago, she had another opportunity.  We keep a baby gate on our stairs, and Bailey is not allowed upstairs while we are gone.  We just can’t trust her (obviously).  Well one day, someone (not pointing any fingers!) forgot to close the baby gate, and Bailey had a field day while we were at work.  She discovered the bin where I kept all our extra summer shoes, which someone did not close last time they were in it.  When I came home that day, Bailey had eaten 3 pairs of my shoes.  One pair of flats that I really loved.

I will learn one of these days.  In the meantime, I’ll be hoping my shoes are in racing condition by Sunday!


7 responses to “Shoe Monster Strikes Again

  1. OH NO!! I’m sure they’ll be ready by race day. If all else fails then throw them in the dryer or put them in the sun for a little bit. It’s hot enough now!

    GOOD LUCK SUNDAY!! I know you’re going to do awesome. You’ve trained so hard for this!!

  2. Those mile times are no joke! I think I would have a heart attack if I ran that fast!

  3. Oh my, I too hope you will be able to wear your shoes Sunday. Wearing new shoes on race day isn’t the best thing to do.

    I’m so glad Bella hasn’t turned out to be a shoe monster. She tried to steal socks when she was smaller but learned that those weren’t for chewing 🙂

    Good luck on Sunday for you and Maggie. You both are going to rock, I’m sure!

  4. Bailey seems determined to turn you into a neat freak! She doesn’t miss a chance at shoes. I’m sure she loves your smell!

    Good luck with the race! Let us know how it goes.

  5. Ohhh no!! 😦 I hope your shoes are okay for your race. Wow, those are some fast quarter miles. Sounds like you’re ready for race day. Good luck!!!

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