Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I celebrated today with a nice, green… run.  Another beautiful day, another run in the park.  Tonight we did some of my favorite speedwork:  quarter miles.

I love quarter miles for two reasons.  First, I can let myself run just as fast as I possibly can.  It feels good to put it all out there.  The second reason I love quarter miles is that they are over so shortly.  I put it all out there until I can’t give anymore, and then I get to stop to walk and recover.

Our quarter miles tonight:

  • Quarter Mile 1:  7:30 pace
  • Quarter Mile 2:  7:26 pace
  • Quarter Mile 3:  6:59 pace (!)
  • Quarter Mile 4:  7:03 pace
  • Quarter Mile 5:  7:26 pace
  • Quarter Mile 6:  7:21 pace
  • Total:  3 miles in 33:23  (11:07 average pace)

I know we’re just running for a very short distance, but I was so excited to see our pace for the third quarter mile!  I knew we had set a new quarter mile record when my Garmin beeped at 1:44 for that leg of our run.  My legs were beat by the end of this run.

I’m now relaxing by watching some March Madness 🙂  I hardly watch any sports (and never on TV), but March Madness is my one exception.  Between the bracket competition and the excitement of the Cinderella stories (my undergrad made the sweet 16 while I was in school!) I get really into these games.

Every year my dad and I have a bracket tournament.  The loser buys the winner breakfast (usually at Starbucks).  We’ve done this for years, but last year was my first true win against my dad (I think we tied the year before that – do you remember Dad?)… so this is serious business.

Do you do brackets?  If so, who did you pick for your final four this year?  My picks are Ohio State, Connecticut, Kansas and Florida, with Kansas winning the championship.


8 responses to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Great job on your run.

    I picked Kansas to win it all too. My Hubs and I are competing this year. He also picked Kansas. I think I’m already down a game thanks to one of the upsets yesterday.

  2. I have absolutely no idea what March madness is LOL

    Well done on the run, great pace too!

    • haha – it’s our college basketball tournament, which begins every March 🙂 Everyone fills out brackets trying to guess who will win each round, and a lot of people place bets on their brackets.

  3. GREAT JOB GIRL!! I’m soooo impressed that you got under 7 minutes!! I think I’d probably fall over from losing my balance if I tried to go that fast.

    I don’t really pay attention to March Madness but it is allll over Facebook! Good luck on your bracket!

  4. Great job running! You will be ahead after Michigan-Tennessee…

  5. I hope you got some fro-yo!! Swirll would have my vote for SURE but I haven’t had Berrypop so I’m kind of biased.

    • I didn’t get any tonight, but I have a feeling I will before the weekend is over 🙂 Swirll has better flavor options, but I like Berripop’s original flavor.

  6. Great paces–you are gonna to see your speed/track workouts totally transfer to your long distances!

    Great job Jessica!!!

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