I Won a Giveaway!

I was very excited when I checked the mail on Thursday and saw this package.

I won a giveaway from Jill at Run for the Hills!  The prize was especially perfect for me due to an uncomfortable issue I’ve been having on my long runs – chafing.  It was never an issue for me until I began running 6+ miles on my long runs.

When I heard about chafing in the past, I always just pictured irritated skin.  Until I experienced it myself, I had no idea that chafing could actually involve bleeding.  I also thought it was something that just occurred due to thighs rubbing together.  Most of the chafing I’ve experienced has shown up around my sports bra line, and has resulted in some pretty deep cuts.  I usually don’t feel it happening, but it stings when I step into the shower!

This is why I was very excited to receive this package of 2Toms products in the mail.  My package included a nice note from Jill, Blister Shield, Sport Shield, Butt Shield and a water bottle.

The Sports Shield came just in time for me to use it on my 12 mile run yesterday.  I tried both the Butt Shield and the Sport Shield.  I feel slightly immature, but I giggle a little bit every time I say “Butt Shield” 🙂  I used the Sport Shield all around my sports bra.  It felt like I was rubbing grease all over myself, but I’m happy to report that I had no chafing around my sports bra after this run!

However, I should have used the Butt Shield (hehe) more liberally.  As I wrote yesterday, I carried a Gu package in my back pocket, and the corners of the package wore into my skin.  Ouch.

Thanks for the goodies Jill!

Do you experience chafing on your long runs?  What do you use to prevent it?  Or treat it??


13 responses to “I Won a Giveaway!

  1. Yay for winning giveaways! I chafed so much yesterday on my run- I forgot my Body Glide! Is Butt Shield what I think it is?! Haha!

  2. Yay for winning awesome prizes!!! 🙂 I luckily have never chafed (knock on wood) but I can just imagine how painful that would be! Glad the products worked for you!! 🙂

  3. I haven’t used the Butt Shield yet either. lol.
    The Post Office guy told me that would be a good envelope to use. It looks like it went thru hell before it got to you. No presentation points there!
    I’m glad the Sport Shield worked for your bra. I actually like the application of it. It feels nice and smooth.
    Yay for winning!

    • I think it looked worse on the outside because they tried to cram it in our tiny mailbox 🙂 The card and products were in tact though! Thanks again!!

  4. I chafe a lot when I get into higher mileage. After my long run on Saturday my boyfriend had to tell me I had huge red gashes on my back. For me it looks worse than it feels, so I haven’t really done much to prevent it. Something for me to look into…

    • Ouch! I usually just feel it when I first get in the shower after my run and then it doesn’t bother me… I was shocked by how bad it looks though since you don’t feel it happening!

  5. That’s a cool and convenient price!

    I never had chavings, guess I’m lucky 🙂

  6. What a great giveaway to win! Chaffing sounds painful, girl! Yikes! Perfect timing for the gift 😀

  7. YOU WON!!! I chafe BAD ha….it hurts! I am posting your picture today:)

  8. Saw your blog on Janae’s, and I think that your goal for 30 before 30 is the best idea ever. Good luck in your pursuits!

    Good to know that this stuff works. I also get terrible chaffing at the bottom of my sports bra that often times leave gross looking open wounds that are never flattering while in a bathing suit.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I get it right at the bottom of my sports bra too – it is awful. I hope I can heal in time for bathing suit weather this summer!

  9. Steve From 2Toms

    Hi Jessica, I bumped into your review while working on 2Toms website. Congrats on winning the give away! I’m very happy you like the Products!! 🙂 I just figured I would answer your question about the difference between SportShield and ButtShield. Both SportShield and ButtShield are the same base product, that being the silicone based chafing prevention. With ButtShield though, we have added a Shea Butter, Aleo Vera and anti-microbial to address any sort of a hygiene issue. Both are waterproof, sweat proof, heat and friction proof so it will preform at the same level and will not break down during your activities! Thank you again for supporting 2Toms! If there is anyone else that would like to try a sample of SportShield just fill out the form on our site and we will mail you a trial size to try out!
    Request a Free Sample -Steve, 2Toms Rep.

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