All aBout jessiCa

I wasn’t going to do one of these.  Really.  But I’ve enjoyed reading these on other blogs, and after Leslie pointed out that I (and anyone else who has not done this yet) live in loserville, I figured it was about time.  Yes, I’m giving into peer pressure.  If you haven’t done this yet, you should!  Here we go…

(A) Age:  25
(B) Bed Size:  Queen
(C) Chore You Dislike:  Cleaning the toilet, vacuuming, folding laundry, washing dishes by hand… was I supposed to choose just one?  Anything bathroom related is probably the worst
(D) Dog:  Bailey!  She’s a 1 year, 4 month old puppy.  We think she’s part chocolate lab / part boxer, but she might have greyhound and others mixed in too.  I would love to adopt a dachshund friend for Bailey, but my husband thinks she is plenty for us to handle.  He’s probably right.
(E) Essential Start To Your Day:  Brushing my teeth… and greeting my Bailey.  She’s always so excited when we wake up in the morning!
(F) Favorite Color:  Burgundy
(G) Gold or Silver:  Silver
(H) Height:  Almost 5’2″
(I) Instruments You Play(ed):  I played the piano from fifth grade through high school graduation.  I played the french horn from sixth grade through my first year of college.  I played the mellophone in marching band in high school.  Any other mellophones out there??
(J) Job Title:  Human Resources
(K) Kids:  Some day
(L) Live:  Houston, TX  (grew up in Ohio, have also lived in Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota)
(M) Mom’s Name:  Marj
(N) Nicknames:  Jess or Jessi
(O) Overnight Hospital Stays:  None 
(P) Pet Peeves:  Being poked and drivers who cut me off
(Q) Quote from a Movie:  I am not one of those people who can remember movie quotes…
(R) Right or Left Handed:  Right
(S) Siblings:  Two younger sisters
(T) Time You Wake Up:  Usually around 6:15 AM during the week
(U) Underwear:  Yes?
(V) Vegetable You Dislike:  Most?  No, just kidding (kinda) … mushrooms and cauliflower are my least favorites.  Yes, I’m a bad vegetarian.
(W) What Makes You Run Late:  I’m usually good about being on time, but unexpected issues that come up with the dog or husband might make me late.  That or bad directions to the place I’m trying to get to!
(X) X-Rays You’ve Had Done:  My teeth and left knee (when I injured my IT band)
(Y) Yummy Food You Make:  Tofu pot pie and Hungry Girl soy burritos are the two dishes I make most often
(Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal:  Otters and monkeys

What do I have in common with you??

Tomorrow morning Maggie and I will be running 12 miles for the first time.  I am nervous but excited at the same time!  I think about how tired I feel after running 10 miles (which we’ve done twice now) and try to imagine running 2 more after that.  I’m going to need to get over that mental hump before tomorrow morning.

During our 10 miles last weekend I tried taking a Gu before the run and one at 5 miles.  I felt like it worked really well for me.  Tomorrow I am trying a new “fuel strategy” – I will eat a Clif Bar before the run and I will take a Gu at 5 miles and a Gu at 10 miles.  If it works out, that is what I will do for our half marathon, which is just two weeks away!  Eeek!!

What are your running plans for this weekend?


4 responses to “All aBout jessiCa

  1. thinking of you and wishing you the best on your 12 miles tomorrow! Just think about how you feel once you have accomplished this?!! So awesome! Take it easy and listen to your body! 🙂 You and Maggie will totally help each other out with the buddy system!! 🙂

  2. Good luck with your 12 miler tomorrow! I have 10 on the agenda- whether or not I actually do it remains to be seen 🙂

  3. Good luck with the 12 miles!!!!! How exciing!!! I have 12 miles also on Sunday…have a GREAT run and can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

  4. Nice to know more about you! Bella and Bailey have almost the same age. Bella is now 1 year and 1 month old.

    Good luck on the 12 miler today. Today I did my first 10 miler and my legs are much more tired than I’ve ever had after a run. I tried a bar before my run today too but don’t like them very much. Will stick to my banana and peanutbutter sandwich next week. At this moment I take 1 gel after an hour of running, will go to 2 because I will be running the half in more than 2 hours. I like the gels very much, on every run after taking one it goes better than before. Just ordered new supply online today.

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