5x Half Miles and Twit-Illiterate

Since we moved the half marathon up by a month, I’ve been playing around with the scheduled runs.  Tonight we decided to do half miles for our speedwork.  The plan was to run 5 half mile intervals with quarter mile walks before and after each one, for a total of 4 miles.

The weather was perfect and I felt pretty good tonight.  My legs felt a little tight, but they weren’t in pain.  It felt good to run fast.  Half miles are definitely more challenging than quarter miles, but I think it’s more mental than anything else.  We kept a good pace (our goal was 8:40 for each) and we were pretty consistent across the half miles.  Our splits:

  • Half Mile 1:  8:17 pace
  • Half Mile 2:  8:22 pace
  • Half Mile 3:  8:21 pace
  • Half Mile 4:  8:28 pace
  • Half Mile 5:  8:18 pace
  • Total:  4 miles in 42:23 (10:36 pace)

You may or may not have noticed that I finally decided to (attempt to) join the world of Twitter.  My husband sent me this article not too long ago.  Apparently “the young” favor Twitter over blogs.  I’m not giving up the blogging world, but I felt old for not wanting to give Twitter a chance.  So now I’m giving it a chance.  However, I am twit-illiterate.

I could use some help with a few things.  First, are there basic rules of etiquette?  What kinds of things do others find annoying?  Second, what do the hash marks mean?  And why do people use them?  Finally, how do I get my picture on there?  Every time I try to upload a picture it says my file is too big.  How do you shrink them?  I’m sure I’ll have many more questions, but let’s start with those.

Do you use Twitter?  Do you like it?


4 responses to “5x Half Miles and Twit-Illiterate

  1. I use Twitter, but I still don’t feel like I ‘get’ it!

  2. Great job on the speedwork!

    I’m on Twitter too (started following you just now). I’m not that active myself on it but I like following (famous) people on it. What I find annoying are those who retweet almost everything. But you can turn that off now. Is the hash mark this # ? Then you use it for for example #Oscars when the Oscar night was. If a lot of people do that it becomes a trending topic. Or you can search on #Oscar and see all tweets about it.
    I have never posted pics on Twitter so no help here.

  3. hash marks are the subject, so when people search twitter, they find feeds on that topic. Don’t know the answer to the rest.

  4. I use twitter and i love it!!! Ive been able to meet and network with people in person because of it so from a professional standpoint it has been helpful.

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