Light Speedwork

Tonight’s run was relatively easy.  It was a beautiful night, not too cold or humid.  And we only had 2.75 miles scheduled to run!  I wasn’t feeling too well after work today, but I’m so glad I made it to the park.  I felt much better after the run.

The plan was to do 5 speedy quarter miles with slow quarter miles before and after each one.  We mostly walked the slow quarter miles, but that was okay because we were extra speedy when we did run.  Our splits:

  • Quarter Mile 1:  1:51 (7:25 pace)
  • Quarter Mile 2:  1:47 (7:10 pace)
  • Quarter Mile 3:  1:54 (7:34 pace)
  • Quarter Mile 4:  1:54 (7:38 pace)
  • Quarter Mile 5:  1:51 (7:23 pace)
  • Total:  2.75 miles in 31:43 (11:32 pace)

It seems like a lot of people around me have been sick lately.  I’m doing all I can to avoid getting sick, but I wonder if I’m not fighting something off.  I better rest up before the 10k this weekend, no way am I getting sick right before the race!

My husband loves to watch documentaries.  I like a lot of them, depending on the subject, but there are many I could pass on.  We’re currently watching a movie called Paper Heart now.  It’s about a female comedian who doesn’t believe in love, but she meets and develops a relationship with Michael Cera.  I’m not sure if it’s a documentary or a mockumentary, but it’s more of a romantic comedy documentary, so I’m enjoying it 🙂

Do you like to watch documentaries?  Do you have a favorite documentary?


7 responses to “Light Speedwork

  1. Dang girl, great times!!

    I’m constantly trying to stay away from sick people but it’s hard being a teacher. This is my second year and I think I’ve developed a little bit of an immune to a lot of the things that go around (knock on wood)!!

    I rarely watch documentaries so I don’t have a lot of input there…

    Are you enjoying Everyone Worth Knowing? I can’t decide if it’s going to be my next book or not!

  2. Well done on the run!

    I don’t watch documentaries, I do watch a lot of tv shows, my favorites this moment are Glee and Modern Family. My husband does watch documentaries, mostly the ones that are on Discovery Channel or NGC.

    We have a lot of sick people here too but so far it didn’t get to me. I believe that’s because I’m outside so much and have more resistance to it than people who stay indoors all Winter. Maybe that counts for you too.

  3. It’s probably no surprise that my favorite documentary is Spirit of the Marathon! It’s incredibly inspirational. I’d also really like to get tickets to see the one-time viewing of My Run in theaters on March 31st. I think we actually started watching Paper Heart on Netflix the other day, but stopped it after five minutes because we just couldn’t get into it. Did it end up being any good?

    • I loved Spirit of the Marathon! Definitely inspirational. We didn’t finish Paper Heart – my husband got bored with it… I’m hoping to finish it at some point though!

  4. I love documentaries! I’m a history nerd, so I try to watch them as often as possible. I’ve seen some really good ones about presidential assassinations- sounds creepy, but they’re really interesting!

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