4.5 – 1.0 Mile Tempo

I was scheduled to run 4.5 miles today but I cut my run short by one mile.  I haven’t quite recovered from my runs on Saturday and I was feeling sore all day today.  I thought I might loosen up as I ran tonight, but after two miles I felt so fatigued, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to run all 2.5 miles at the pace I wanted, so I decided to just do 3.5 miles total.

The weather wasn’t helping.  It was beautiful outside, but the nicer temperatures came with a bit of humidity.  I didn’t realize how spoiled I’ve been running in the cold.  The humidity makes my heart rate go up faster, and in addition to my muscles feeling fatigued, I felt a little sick to my stomach.

I’m still proud that I finished 3.5 miles, and I’m especially proud of my second mile.  My splits:

  • Mile 1:  9:56
  • Mile 2:  8:57
  • Mile 2.0 – 2.5:  4:32 (9:05 pace)
  • Mile 2.5 -3.5:  10:27
  • Total:  33:52 (9:41 average pace)

I walked a few times during the last mile, but was happy that I still managed to keep a good overall pace.  My goal for the 10k happens to be a 9:40 average.

My plan for the rest of the week is to swap my runs.  I’m planning on doing an easy 3 miles tomorrow.  I thought about resting a day, but I want to push through the muscle soreness.  I’ll rest on Wednesday in preparation for some speedwork on Thursday.  I’m also planning on some major stretching, foam rolling, and maybe even some ice.  I hope this works – I’m supposed to tackle 10 miles on Saturday!  Trying to get pumped about it now!


3 responses to “4.5 – 1.0 Mile Tempo

  1. You are going to have a great 10 miler on Saturday! Double digit runs are such a feeling of accomplishment 🙂

  2. Great run!! 🙂 I have an 11 miler planned for this weekend and I do the same thing. I try and pump myself up all week so I am ready by the time it gets here 😉

  3. I think you did great on your run!

    I have to do 9 miles Saturday, longest run so far 🙂

    This week I did my “long” run of the week which includes either speedwork or a few miles on half marathon pace on Monday instead of Wednesday and I liked that. My most difficult run of the week is already done. All I have to do now is Pilates (tonight), a 2 mile run (tomorrow morning), strength upper body (tomorrow afternoon) and a 2 mile run (Thursday morning) but that’s all nothing compared to the 7 miles I did yesterday.

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