Speedwork in the Arctic Tundra

Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic.  But it was cold tonight!  It was 45 degrees when I left to go to the park and 38 when I finished my run.  But the “feels like” temps were below freezing.  I wore a sweatshirt and gloves, but I had no headband to keep my ears warm.

I thought about skipping tonight because of the weather, but after two rest days, I couldn’t wait any longer.  Darlene posted 53 Runners Commandments yesterday, and one of them really stuck with me tonight:

“Don’t wait for perfect weather.  If you do, you won’t run very often.”

Since the cold weather has invaded Houston, I’ve been “waiting” for the weather to get better.  Well, it probably will improve soon, but for now I decided I either need to suck it up and run outside anyway or learn to make friends with the treadmill.  And the bitter cold won.

I missed my easy 3 mile run this week, but decided to get back on track with my speedwork.  I did 7 quarter miles (alternating fast and slow quarter miles) for a total of 3.75 miles.  It might have been the weather, but I gave myself permission to mostly walk during my “slow” quarter miles.  I think I needed it, but it led to faster quarter miles than I’ve run before.  My splits:

  • Quarter Mile 1:  1:49 (7:15 pace)
  • Quarter Mile 2:  1:46 (7:04 pace)
  • Quarter Mile 3:  1:56 (7:43 pace)
  • Quarter Mile 4:  1:54 (7:34 pace)
  • Quarter Mile 5:  1:57 (7:49 pace)
  • Quarter Mile 6:  1:56 (7:45 pace)
  • Quarter Mile 7:  1:52 (7:27 pace)
  • Total:  3.75 miles in 40:27 (10:47 average pace)

My goal tonight was to run most of my QMs at an 8:00 pace or better, and I achieved it for every single one!  I’m sure the walking between QMs helped, but it still felt more difficult to hold the pace toward the end.  I’m glad I got the run in tonight – I now feel ready to kick the 5k’s butt on Saturday!

After the run, the husband and I made a Target run (my favorite store).  While we were at work today, Bailey had some fun in the house.  I should have taken a picture, but I was too upset at the time.  She found a bin of my shoes and somehow removed the lid – and then took every single shoe out of the bin.  She only ate ruined 3 pairs, and only 1 pair I really cared about.  Not too long ago she also chewed up one of my favorite heels.

The result of today’s incident was a Target run to pick up a baby gate so she can’t go upstairs while we’re gone anymore.  We had one before, but it broke.  We thought we could trust her, but she’s proven we can’t!

 We decided to pick up dinner while we were out.  I got a burrito from my favorite fast-food restaurant, Freebirds.  It’s like a Chipotle or Qdoba, only better.  I love the veggie options – I always get rice, black beans, grilled veggies, pico de gallo, corn salsa, mild sauce and guacamole.

While at Freebirds tonight, the kid making my burrito kept calling me “ma’am”… I know it’s supposed to be a polite term, but I didn’t like it!  I’ve always looked young for my age (maybe I don’t anymore?) so I’m not used to it.  I wanted to tell him I was probably only a few years older than him, but then I realized I might be 10 years old than him.  And then I felt old.  But I felt better when the guy at the checkout counter called me “young lady” – kind of.

How cold does it have to be for you to choose the treadmill over winter weather?

What is your favorite fast food?


7 responses to “Speedwork in the Arctic Tundra

  1. Great job on your QM’s!

    Today was the first day that I sucked it up and ran outside, too! I was too tired of been trapped indoors to not at least try to do it. I ran 2 miles in my neighborhood and was satisfied.

    Chick-fil-a is probably my favorite fast food but Freebirds wins for best burritos!

  2. As long as it’s not windy, I will run outside until about 25 degrees…but being a mid-western girl, that means I’m stuck inside most of the winter! Yesterday morning it was -9 here when I left for work…yikes!!

    That burrito looks sooo yummy 🙂

  3. Funny I was thinking about that line too this morning when it was raining when I had to go out for my run.

    We’ve had very cold weather in December and I ran on the treadmill a few times that month but I hated it. So one day I tried to run outside when it was very cold, slippery at some points of my route and snowing and I loved it. That’s when I decided I wouldn’t let the weather stop me anymore from running outside, no matter how cold it would be, you can dress for that.
    The only time I won’t be running outside is when the roads are to icy to run on but I don’t think that will happen again this Winter.

  4. hydration belt: the iFitness belt that I have is not for hydration, however they do make one. I haven’t tried it, and honestly, with hydration belts, I’d be intimidated to order one sight-unseen (or un-tried on my waist), but they are at a ton of expos, so if you have one coming up by you, you could go and try it. For hydration-specific belts, I have tried the Amphipod and Nathan Sports, and ended up purchasing the Nathan Speed 2. I love it, but find that for the really long runs, I have to refill. But I also didn’t want to carry 40oz of water on my body, so I just plan my long runs in areas where I know there are water fountains, and end up refilling 1x on a 17-21 miler, none on less. Hope this helps!

  5. Darlene Cardillo

    If it’s sunny, I’ll run with it in the teens. Otherwise, at least 20. I prefer the warm weather!!! My weakness is McDonalds thick shakes.

    k shakes.

  6. I hate running in the cold because the wind bites my face, and it hurts. I’ll run in the 20s, as long as the wind isn’t bad. Today was 30ish, so it was the perfect day for a run. Good job for making it outside – I always prefer outside vs treadmill runs.

  7. You’re getting really fast! Those quarter mile times are awesome 🙂

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