Something beats Nothing

Now I remember one of the reasons I started this blog – to have some accountability!  This has not been a good week for my training.  It started Tuesday with the wind advisory.  I thought the weather would be better on Wednesday, so I put my run off for a day.  And then I didn’t run Wednesday either – it was cold, I was at work late and we had plans to meet friends for dinner.  Life just got in the way, and the run got pushed back another day.

I should have done 4.5 miles of speedwork tonight.  It is freezing outside – literally!  We’re supposed to get a “wintry mix” tonight 🙂  In Houston!  A lot of people got off work early today in anticipation of the storm.  But I told myself I would not use the weather as an excuse again, and I would do the speedwork on the treadmill.  I really felt dedicated to my training plan, but I just couldn’t get into it today.

I did get myself changed and onto the treadmill this evening.  I was struggling with the speedwork on the treadmill (I’m now convinced that our floor is sloped and I’m always running uphill on our treadmill).  So I told myself I just had to run/walk 4 miles just as fast as I could at a comfortable pace.  I had run about 1.6 miles (at about an 11 minute pace) when our doorbell rang.  I paused the treadmill, and when I went to get back on it, I accidentally turned it off and lost my progress.

Or maybe my sub-conscious turned the treadmill off on purpose 😉  Either way, I decided I had enough.  I’m running and training for fun – and tonight was not fun.  Instead, I did Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zone DVD.  And I cheated at that too.  She does 7 circuits with 2 sets of each exercise.  I only did one set of each circuit, but it was still a good 30 min workout (with warm-up and stretching).

But you know what?  Something is better than nothing.  I still got a good 45 min workout in this evening, which is not bad considering I had no motivation tonight this week.  And I do feel good about that.  I’m ready to get back out there Saturday morning (when it’s warmer) and run 8 miles!

How do you get motivated when the weather is nasty out?  Anyone out there who actually enjoys the treadmill??


15 responses to “Something beats Nothing

  1. I could use the answer to that question. We’ve had a foot of snow this week and I haven’t gotten motivated this week. Actually, my post tonight was about how my half marathon training…well, hasn’t been. Ah well. Something is better than nothing and you will live another day and can rock tomorrow.

  2. I still have motivation issues for using it, but I like being able to read while on the treadmill. For a bookworm like me, that is the only thing that makes it viable. I’m impressed you are able to stick to doing something, even if it isn’t your master plan. So sorry to hear about the weather there. What happened to it being warm in the south in the winter?

  3. You’re totally right: doing something is better than nothing, so well done on the workout! And indeed running and training should be fun, if it isn’t we will never make to that half marathon.

    I dislike the dreadmill very much. I used it more often in December when we had a lot of snow but once I tried running outside while there was still snow and it was very cold I decided I won’t let the weather stand in the way of my runs. Since then I ran on the treadmill once because I really didn’t want to do anything and decided to go to the gym. I hated every second of it. I have to say that the weather here is not as extreme as in some parts of the USA, we had snow in December but that’s nothing compared to the pics I see these days on US blogs. It’s also never that cold here, the coldest we had was 14 degrees and that’s an exception.

    Enjoy your 8 mile run tomorrow!

    • We usually don’t get so cold either – we just have a low of 23 tonight. And although it was a “snow day” we had no snow, just ice. I’m from the “north” so I should be used to colder weather, but I’ve already adjusted down here!

  4. YES! Something is better than nothing! Major props for hitting up the treadmill. I hate running on it, so I would have just avoided it 🙂

  5. Oh, man, your week sounds like how my last couple weeks have been! I am struggling big time to find the motivation to get all my training in but so far my comfy bed and snuggling with my hubby and puppy have been winning. I am hoping I snap out of this soon!! Nice work getting a good 45 minute workout in! 🙂

  6. That’s a good attitude to have – that something is better than nothing!
    If I’m not feeling the motivation I’ll either switch it up a bit or just ride it out.

  7. I love the something is better attitude for the most part, but I always schedule a rest day once a week. To stay motivated, I do a variety of exercises each week – last week, I went to a yoga class, a few spinning classes, and ran once. I hate the treadmill, so I’ve been running less this winter, but spinning & yoga have kept me in shape!

    • I think a variety would definitely help with motivation. Unfortunately, I schedule 3 rest days each week, so I should have no excuse for skipping out on my 4 running days.

  8. Something is indeed better than nothing: that’s the best attitude to adopt to running and to all aspects of life. Creating unnecessary pressure to have to do something in its entirity often leads to just abandoning the venture because it seems insurmountable, where as small, managable goals are better physically and mentally most of the time. Still something I’m working on though!

    Motivation-wise I remind myself of how crappy I feel if I miss a run, but that doesn’t work 100% of the time when it’s gale force winds and driving rain out there. I’d rather brave artic blizzards than go on the treadmill most of the time though: I have no idea how some bloggers manage 20 odd miles on the thing…I’d go insane.


    • It’s hard to feel good about not completing my goals for the week, so the something is better than nothing attitude is something I continue to work on too – but I think that doing “something” small on Thursday is what got me out the door for my long run today. I also have no idea how some bloggers do crazy mileage on the treadmill – clearly I couldn’t even stand to finish two whole miles on it!

  9. Hey girl! I’ve missed your posts! Keep writing and keep running, we are all cheering you on!! 🙂

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