Sticky 4 Mile Tempo

Sorry to rub this in your face, but we’ve been having beautiful weather here in Texas.  My car said it was 70 when I left work to head to the park!  It felt great except for the humidity.  I felt sticky just walking, and I was completely disgusting by the end of the run.  I’m not sure how I’ll handle the summer humidity while running. 

But for all of you up North, don’t worry – we have our fair share of nasty weather coming our way.  It starts with thunderstorms tonight, a wind advisory for tomorrow and a hard freeze advisory tomorrow night.  And they (the weather people) are actually predicting snow for us on Friday!  I’m a little excited 🙂

Despite the humidity tonight’s run was awesome.  Maggie and I planned to do the 4 mile tempo run just a little faster than we did last week’s 4 miles.  And we did!  The first mile warm-up pace felt good at just over 10 minutes.  My legs were feeling stiff in the beginning but I could feel them loosening up as we went.

The second and third tempo miles felt fast.  I didn’t really want to slow down.  My legs and breathing both felt pretty good until the end of the third mile, when I had a burning feeling shooting through my legs.

Although the tempo miles felt good, I was ready to slow down when we hit mile four.  We started the mile at a 10:30 or so pace, but after we began to cool down, I could tell we were starting to push it again.  We hit our 5k at 29:10 (another new 5k record).  I would have been happy to keep it slow, but my running partner was a speed demon tonight!  I found myself pushing to keep up with her, but it was great motivation to really give a little extra toward the end.  And I was happy I did because it led to a great time.  Our splits:

  • Mile 1:  10:11
  • Mile 2:  9:04
  • Mile 3:  8:52
  • Mile 4:  10:00
  • Total:  38:07 (9:32 average pace)

Once again, it’s great to see week to week progress.  Our fastest tempo mile last week was 9:06.  Part of me wonders if sometimes we’re just not pushing ourselves as hard as we could.  But it’s nice to see progress.

I hope y’all stay warm if you’re in the blizzard this week!  And if you live in the South – any tips for surviving the “hard freeze” would be greatly appreciated.  I’ve never heard of covering pipes or leaving faucets dripping all night until I moved down here.  I’m not even sure I know what covering the pipes means :-p


13 responses to “Sticky 4 Mile Tempo

  1. i love the premise of your blog. what a great way to keep you on track and focused to getting your thirty races in. keep up the good work! i saw you made sloppy joes the other night…in iowa, we call those maid-rites. my soon-to-be hubby went to school in texas and everyone looks at me all weird when i say that i LOVE maid-rites : )

    i’ll be back to see how the race goes on feb 12th! best of luck!

  2. That was a really fast 4 mile run! Very well done!

    We are having the normal Winter weather for Holland: cold, rain every now and then but no snow and I would like it if it stays this way till Spring.
    We had a lot of snow in December and I only complain of the weather on two occasions: snow and heatwaves (I’m not good with heat, guess I never should move to Texas right? 🙂 )

  3. Wow, nice tempo run!! That 3rd mile was really fast!! 🙂

  4. It sounds like you are realling getting into the running. This is great! They actually shut down MU due to ice today until 11 AM. It is slick out there now (sheet of ice), but supposed to change to rain mid morning, then back to freezing this evening. My class was cancelled this AM, but still have meetings the rest of the day. This storm is a doozy, but I didn’t know it was all the way to you. Covering pipes usually refers to insulation tape or heating tape for exposed pipes outdoors. As long as you have the heat on indoors, your should be fine. I am guessing construction is different there. We don’t have to leave a drip in pipes to keep water running here. They must not insulate the houses as well there. I was told to leave the cabinet doors open under the sinks so the heat could get into the pipes there. Ask your neighbors what they do since they have the same construction. It is a new world!

  5. Great job on your run!! I was a hot mess yesterday after my run, too. When the real heat hits it’s going to be n.a.s.t.y!

    Ummm I thought it wasn’t going to get cold until this evening but I was WAY wrong… really cold and ridiuclous downpour on my way to work 😦 Hope you stayed dry!

  6. I saw that the State Farm in Dallas was closed today! I guess the nasty weather reached you. Stay safe!!

  7. Nice run! I really should do a tempo run, now that I know what it is 🙂

  8. I’m thinking you and I are in the same neck of the woods. Or else this “arctic blast from Canada” is really covering a lot of Texas! We are all homebound today and tomorrow – which is a great time to recover from a marathon.

    • I’m probably a little further south (Houston area) – we were supposed to get snow last night, but all we got here was some ice. I would have rathered just a little snow!

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