The Treadmill

I was looking forward to a nice, easy run at the park today.  But the weather did not allow that to happen.  Even though it was 40 degrees here, it was windy.

I felt like I was going to be knocked over as I left work, so I decided to skip the park and try the treadmill instead.  I was also planning on doing a Jillian Michaels DVD tonight, and I decided to do that first.  I knew the husband would want to watch TV when he got home, so I didn’t want to have to beg for the TV after the treadmill.  Yes, we only have one TV in our house, and I don’t like watching workout videos on the laptop.

I did No Trouble Zones for 40 minutes.  It feels just a little slower than 30 Day Shred, but I like the variety of exercises, and I always feel sore afterward.  I think feeling sore is a sign of a good workout.

I then debated whether I even needed to get on the treadmill.  I had already done a 40 minute workout, but I didn’t want to fall behind on my mileage this week.  So I made an agreement with myself that I would get on the treadmill, but I could walk the whole time if I wanted to.

I walked/jogged 2 miles in 24:35 (12:18 pace).  I probably could have finished my third (planned) mile, but I was bored, tired and sore.  And I want to be in good shape for my 9 mile run this weekend.  I’m still amazed that The Hungry Runner Girl ran a whole marathon on a treadmill!

In fun news, I have now run for more than 24 hours since November 6!  It’s hard to believe that in less than 3 months, I have devoted and entire day to running.

How do you get through treadmill workouts?


8 responses to “The Treadmill

  1. I wish I had tips to get through treadmill workouts. I have one planned for tomorrow and I’m bringing an unread magazine. Hopefully that will help!

  2. Hardly get through them. I really don’t like the treadmill and I run slower on it than outside and the runs seems so much longer. I only use it if the weather is too bad. I’m lucky to live in a country where Winters normally aren’t that bad although we had some heavy snow in December but at the moment it’s good weather to run outside.

    I think that a bit of soreness is okay but if it’s a lot then I haven’t stretched enough after a workout. I always stretch after running or strength and have little soreness. I would hate it if soreness from a strength session makes a run more difficult.

    We have only one tv too. I watch a lot of tv shows but always record them so I can watch them when I have the time. So my hub can basically watch anything he likes but we both don’t watch that much.

    • You are lucky that you have good weather to run outside! It usually doesn’t get too bad here during the winter, but I’m a bit of a baby when it’s colder than normal :-/

      I agree – a little soreness is okay. I actually felt a lot better today, probably because of the stretching I did. To be honest, I go really easy on the leg exercises like squats and lunges, because I don’t want my legs to be sore, and I figure that running gives them a good workout.

  3. ughhh hate treadmillss! i love doing intervals on them.. thats how i like it! or run fast miles and walk in between. a whole marathon- OH MY GOSHH

  4. That’s awesome – I love seeing miles add up! I survive treadmills with intervals or just changing the speed or incline on it. I cannot do a few miles at a steady speed anymore, but when I was training for a half, I ran 10 miles on a treadmill while watching the Titanic.

    • Wow – I can’t imagine doing 10 miles on a treadmill. I guess a TV would help. I really want to get a flat screen to put on the wall above my treadmill. I think intervals are the only way I can survive on the treadmill anymore!

  5. Lady Gaga is one of my fav’s too on my Ipod. Great running music!

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