3.5 Tempo in New Shoes

I was itching to run today.  I took two full days off (due to out of town guests!) and I was looking forward to getting a run in.  The plan for tonight was a 3.5 tempo run with Maggie.  In my mind, the pace would be 10:30 for the first and last mile and 9:30 for the other middle 1.5 miles.  I didn’t expect us to go quite so fast, but it felt good!  Our splits:

  • Mile 1:  10:33
  • Mile 2:  9:12
  • Mile 2.0 – 2.5:  4:27 (8:56 pace)
  • Mile 2.5 – 3.5:  9:49
  • Total:  34:04 (9:44 average pace)

I was really happy with this pace – it’s the fastest I’ve run 3.5 miles and it felt good.  When we first started running my legs felt a little sore and the 10:30 pace felt fast.  Then we picked up the pace, and I could feel my legs loosening up.  By the time we finished 2 miles I felt great, and the 8:56 pace was pushing it, but not terrible.  When we slowed back down for the last mile we were going at what felt like a comfortable pace, so I was pretty excited to see it was under 10 minutes – but I did sort of sprint to the end.

This was my first run wearing my new Brooks.  To be honest, I’m not sure about them.  I definitely noticed the fact that I had less cushioning by the end of my run.  For the first time since running outside my toes actually hurt.  But they are lighter than my Asics and didn’t really bother me while I was running (after the initial mile anyway).  I’m going to give them another chance tomorrow night, and hopefully it’s just a matter of breaking them in and getting used to the switch from the Asics.

Back to why I missed my run yesterday – we had some special out of town guests!  My roommate from undergrad, another Jessica, and her husband Donald came to visit 🙂  We hadn’t seen each other since my wedding a year and a half ago so I was really excited they were coming to town! 

While they were here, we took them on a tour of one of the best things to do in Houston – eat and drink.  We visited some of our favorite Houston restaurants – El Tiempo for Tex Mex, Romano’s for pizza, Hickory Hollow for BBQ, and Swirll for frozen yogurt.  It’s a good thing I got that 8 miles in on Saturday!  We also tried a new brunch spot I had heard good things about called Cadillac Bar.  Picture a buffet with every breakfast food and every tex mex food you can imagine – plus a build your own bloody mary bar and some awesome mimosas.  Yikes – I’m glad we gave it a try but I think it’s the kind of place you only visit once a year!  We didn’t eat again for 8 hours after that meal.

Besides eating (and drinking) we also did some book shopping.  Jess is a big reader and thanks to her suggestions and $1 books at Half Price Books, I ended up buying 8 books.  I now I have a pile next to my bed that will probably take the whole year to get through!  I’m starting with Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult.  I’ve never read her books before, but I hear this is a good one.  What books would you recommend?


7 responses to “3.5 Tempo in New Shoes

  1. Speedy! Not going to lie, I’ve never done a tempo run before, and I just learned what it was by reading this 🙂 I’ve heard of them a lot, but never actually knew what it was!

    • I’m still not 100% on the definition, but my understanding is that it’s a run with a warm up and cool down, and you run at a race pace or faster during the middle of the run. I like these runs!

  2. That’s a GREAT run! Congrats! I’m sure you’ll get used to the new shoes in no time. 🙂

  3. Good job! We want bar-b-que when we visit!

  4. Half the Sky is my fav book of al time.. ITS VERY DEEP.. be prepared!

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