And the Winner is…

While I was at Luke’s Locker yesterday, I noticed a special coupon.  It was advertising group runs with the store, and if you participate in one of the runs, they give you 15% off most merchandise in the store.  Given that I was about to make a somewhat large purchase for new shoes, this sounded like a great deal.  And the next run happened to be tonight!

I was a little nervous about running with a new group of people – what if everyone else was faster than me and I couldn’t keep up?  But they kept a decent pace, and I did fine.  It was a small group, just six of us, but it was fun!  It was cold, but one of the other runners was very nice and leant me a pair of gloves.

We ran about 2.8 miles in 30 minutes (10:42 average pace).  It felt a lot faster at times, but we also had to stop at traffic lights, for cars, other pedestrians, etc.  I’ve gotten used to running on a trail without the stop-and-go.  I also got some good advice on road-running and racing from some of the more serious runners.  It was a productive 30 minutes.  And at the end, I felt I had earned my shoes!

I went with the Brooks Launch running shoes.  Despite the comments supporting Asics 🙂  Ultimately, I was excited to try a lighter shoe.  There is still decent cushioning, and it feels like a snugger fit on the sides of my feet, which was a plus.  I think it will take a bit to get used to, but I think I will need to run in them for a bit to really compare them to Asics.  I’ve always loved and sworn by Asics, but I feel like I need to try the Brooks before I can totally commit to one brand.  I’m scared of (running shoe) commitment.

How do you break in new running shoes?  I’m not sure if my long run this weekend is the best time to break them in.


4 responses to “And the Winner is…

  1. hhahh i dont think a long run is your best way to break them in!! probably a good walk/jog would be good!

  2. Learn from my mistake and do not break in your shoes on a long run! I went on a few short runs with my new shoesnand then went on a twelve miler… I hurt my foot so badly I thought I would have to drop out of a race and didn’t run for over two weeks. Break them in nice and slow 🙂

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