Asics vs. Brooks?

I need some help.  I went running-shoe shopping tonight.  I’ve run about 250 miles or so on my current Asics and my IT band has been bothering me a bit, so I figure it’s about that time.  And I could use some help deciding which brand I should buy.

I went to Luke’s Locker, a specialty running store in Houston.  It was the first time I’ve been there, but I’ve heard that they are really helpful when it comes to picking out running shoes, and they were!

First, they measured my feet.  I was surprised to learn that my right foot is a full size smaller than my left foot.  I’ve always worn a size 6.5, but my left foot is actually a 7.  I was happy to find that the size 7’s felt good.  They also watched me run and decided that I did not need a correcting shoe – a neutral shoe worked well for me.

I then tried a number of different brands – Asics, Nikes, Saucony and Brooks.  The Nikes were my least favorite.  They had almost no cushion and just felt off.  I liked the Sauconys, but there wasn’t as much cushion as in the Asics.  I’ve always worn Asics, and I really liked the comfort of them.  But then the sales associate had me put Asics on one foot and Brooks on the other, and I felt a huge difference – the Brooks felt so light!  They had some cushion, and they held my feet well.

So now I’m trying to decide between the Asics vs. the Brooks. 

The Asics:  Gel-Cumulus 12 ($99)

  • Pros:  good cushion; a brand I’m comfortable with
  • Cons:  they’re heavy

 Product Image

The Brooks:  Launch ($89)

  • Pros:  very light, cute design, price
  • Cons:  not as much cushion, new brand


Which shoe should I buy?  What is your favorite brand of running shoes and why?


4 responses to “Asics vs. Brooks?

  1. ASICS!! they are the best running shoes 🙂

  2. Jess-My first 2 pairs of ASICS had great cushioning–I still have the second pair and it still has really good cushioning after about 2000 miles. My third pair of ASICS has much less cushioning (even less to start with than my second pair has now) and I have been disappointed with them. A salesperson did mention Brooks as being very good when I bought the ASICS, but I did not seriously consider it. In the end, I think cushioning (besides fit) is the most important thing—to absorb the impact.

  3. I know nothing about running shoes. I had my first pair for 8 years, and finally bought new ones last July- I think they’re Asics? I just bought them because they were on sale. Horrible, I know!

  4. I fully concur with your ideas on the subject above. Excellent Post, keep up the fantastic work.

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