Half Marathon Training

I haven’t done much any running this week.  Something about below-freezing weather, icy roads and snow that won’t stop falling that’s gotten me out of the habit.  But that will change next week!  Once we’re back down south, I’ll get back to where I was with my training, and I’ll have my treadmill if the weather gets bad.

Since I’m not running, the next best thing is to plan.  I’ve created a 17 week training plan based on articles I found on Runners World, Hal Higdon’s training plan, and plans from other bloggers.  I decided that I want to run 4 times a week, and I’d like to mix in some strength training (I currently do none).  I also included the 10k in February, since I’ll be training for that too!

My plan is to do the same type of run each day of the week:

  • Monday:  half marathon pace tempo runs
  • Tuesday:  cross train or rest – I’ll probably rest most of these days 🙂
  • Wednesday:  speed work
  • Thursday:  easy run + strength
  • Friday:  rest
  • Saturday:  long run
  • Sunday:  stretch + strength

I know that this is my first half marathon, and my focus should be to just finish it.  But if I don’t have a time goal while running, I find I start telling myself it’s okay to walk.  And not start running again.  So I’ve set a lofty goal of finishing in 2 hours, 15 minutes.  This is about a 10:17 pace.  My best 7 mile pace so far has been 10:32, so I have a bit of work to do, but I also have 17 weeks.  I think if I follow my training plan and really focus on the speed work, this could be achievable.  Hopefully.  And if I don’t hit 2:15, I hope to finish in under 2:30!

Any advice, tips, or suggestions from half marathoners out there?


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